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Secret 1 Kamata Toriyama appears in Miyazaki Hayao's masterpiece "Spiritedaway".


The Spirited Away "is a work directed by the great master Miyazaki Hayao, and is a masterpiece of the best ever Japanese film performing income. The Miyazaki and other production staff have visited Kamata Toriyama several times. Kamata Toriyama appears in this movie. The image of Kamata Toriyama may be passed on to Miyazaki anime.

Secret 2 On March 2nd, 1955, when the Heisei Emperor Akihito was the Crown  prince, he once came to Kamata Toriyama.

His signature, monument and memorial photo are left in our restaurant.


​Heisei Akihito Emperor autographed sign


​Monument of Prince Akihito

Excerpt from the Yomiuri Shimbun article on Saturday, January 14th, 1989

March 2, 1955. The hills of the hills of Hino Hachioji City, where miscellaneous trees are left, woke up from the fall of winter, and the kunugi, konara and egooki trees began to sprout. On this day, the new emperor, who was in Gakushuin, enjoys walking along the hilly hiking course of about 8 kilometers from Takahata in Hino City to the Yaen-touge in Hachioji City with 10 alumni, enjoying the Musashino woods Became.


The new emperor, who arrived before the same day before noon, wore a light blazer of lattice shoes on a blazer. A mountain row while exchanging personal conversation with a smile and a leisure time with his schoolmates. Mr. Shimizu asked, "It is a place where nature is abundant. There will be various plants and trees." When I answered, "There are many beech, nara, kunugi, and pine etc.", he was nodded with a smile.


Shimizu also said, "This area is a connection place where the Meiji emperor came to the rabbit hunting well. At that time there was no Keio train and it was a grassy place" and answered "Ah yes" It is said that

At the observation deck where you can see the mountain ranges such as the clear stream of Asakawa, Mt. Fuji, Chichibu, Okutama and Tanzawa, he can enjoy the panorama of three hundred and sixty degrees while being silent, saying "The other side is Chichibu mountain or ..." He said.

He had a lunch box at the park.

After that,he took a break with the wild bird dish "Kamata Toriyama" in Yaen-touge.
He was surrounded by alumni and enjoyed with wild bird BBQ.and a drink of sake that is inserted into the irori.

"It's a rare dish," said a smile.



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